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[Lv.13] To dust – Kim Kwang-seok


  • The music produced goods as a PDF. Download it after purchasing the music in “My Account”.
  • It is only the lyrics and music dedicated drum music as fewer page views and easy.
  • Music is divided into difficulty “Lv.1 ~ 20”.
  • Playing the drums can be arranged according to the original difficulty.
  • Unauthorized copying, distribution, and reproduction is prohibited by copyright law.


Drum Key by DRUMMATE

Level of Drum Sheet music

1. Beginner : Level 1~6

(8th note beat rhythm / 16th note fill-in / 8th note syncopation / hihat technique)

2. Intermediate : Level 7~12

(16th note rhythm on snare / polka,twist,off beat,bossanova music rhythm/ 12th,16th beat rhythm / triplet fill-in)

3. Advanced : Level 13~20

(16th note rhythm / 16th note and rest / swing rhythm)


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